The Art Of Delayed Gratification


I think it is safe to say that these days people are all about the instant solution, the instant fix on your pain with questionable medications, the instant gratification of that social media post bashing someone who doesn’t agree with you and of course the overnight success method or windfall of money. I don’t state…

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How To Create The Perfect Workday Routine


Have you ever read one of those articles that talk about daily routines, maybe even covers super successful people’s morning to see what they do? Seems like there are a lot of them out there, here is the problem though…. You read that article, get excited, wander off in dreamland a bit and think of…

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ADHD Is Not Real But What You’re Experiencing Is


I have been wanting to write this piece for awhile and since I am going to be authoring a book on this topic I figure this will be great practice. First off I understand that hearing those words when you have been diagnosed with ADD/ADHD or lived your whole life with it, can be tough…

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