Neuroplasticity: The Simplest Way To Change A Habit

Most of us will admit we have good and bad habits, many we are aware of but most we are not. I want to share with you some of the deeper “why” behind habits themselves and then how you can simply change a habit. The advances in science and brain scanning equipment are really allowing us to further understand the why behind our habits and how of course we can create new habits.

Let’s talk Neuroplasticity for a minute. This is a big word for a simple thing. In lamest terms it means “Neurons that fire together, wire together”. The opposite is true as well, “Neurons that don’t fire together, don’t wire together”, we all understand this as “if you don’t use it, you loose it”. Sigmund Freud the famous hypnotist first hypothesized about this and as the years have gone on with science, we can now confirm this to be true.


The Biology Of Peak State

I want to explore what happens when you are using FLOW or “peak state” methods and still not getting your desired outcome in terms of your productivity and performance in your daily work life. When it comes to “peak state” almost all entrepreneurs have heard of FLOW state and for the most part I think we all get that. I feel that is only part of the pie though, and that there is this other aspect of FLOW that I have yet to really see fleshed out deeply. What happens when you are following the code for FLOW and you don’t achieve your desired out come? That is what I want to dive into and help you understand.

This underlying trigger that can have an effect on your outcomes is beliefs! Beliefs are that underlying cause of all the behaviors, emotional response and day to day experience we have as humans. Beliefs are the deepest you can go in the rabbit hole.


Peak Performance Rule #1:Visualization & Techniques

In life we usually start towards a new direction by having some sort of a goal. Goals by the way are part of Peak Performance Rule #7. Whether it be aspiring to be a professional sports player, owning your own business, getting a raise or meeting the women of your dreams, things usually start with a goal. But for some along the way things go astray, resistance, fear, anxiety and stress kick in and they get stuck. It seems like some are able to so effortlessly achieve what they want while others struggle, but why is this?


Optimizing Man Podcast Coming Soon…

So it is finally that time that brings me great joy. The announcing of the OM podcast! I am super excited for this and have a structure and content framework that I think you will really benefit from. I am known for giving great, conscious and engaging interviews and so we will be adding that into the mix on a regular basis as well.

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How To Get More Mental Clarity & Focus For Less Than $5 Per Day, Using All Natural Means!

I would say this is a pretty popular topic that I get asked on at least daily so I feel this post will help provide an answer for the many looking to get an edge with their daily clarity and focus. Now while I would love to talk about all the high end tools and tech gadgets that would help do this, reality is there are far simpler and cheaper things to use to accomplish this.

The products and methods I will outline below are extremely powerful and for those not looking to spend big amounts on EEG, neurofeedback equipment or get all jacked up on stimulants this is the best stuff I know of.


How I Have Been Generating Over $150,000 Per Year Since 2011 From Selling Software

The first 12 months I was selling software we did over 1 million in sales. Since 2011 I have been consistently generating $150k or more per year from software. I state this not to brag, but merely to set the tone of this piece and build the picture for what is possible.

I will admit, I am kind of lazy with that business too, it could be WAY bigger is what I mean to say. It could be a dominating force that generates millions per year. I have not made it easy on myself either, I have added in more complication and added barricades that would slow me down all without me realizing it.


The Ultimate Brain Hack…Zap Your Brain To Improve Focus, Memory & Creativity All In 60 Minutes Or Less!

Beyond the inner game of building self image and self esteem through things like NLP, hypnosis and meditation there is another tool I use to sort of force myself into states of mind that allow me to get things done faster. Now to be clear I would love to meditate all day long, but dreaming of what you want to do vs. living in it are simply incomparable.

I wanted to write on this topic for a long time now because there is so much confusion on the topic it seems. People have heard of this but they are not sure if it’s worth the price tag, if there is any risk and what all it really does…..

Just imagine for a second you are sitting at your desk in the peak of a beautiful clean caffeine high (try Caffeine mixed with L-Theanine if you have never had this) and you want to “turn on” the creative part of your brain in order to focus up for a task.


Case Study: How I made an extra $66,912 this year so far from Traffic & Conversion Summit!

I am going to walk you through how I was able to book in over $66,912 in NEW deals from NEW people since January of this year! These relationships were all made during this event. I will dive into the inner confidence game, my newage networking tactics and ultimately how I was able to collect this money.

I am sure if you are in the Internet marketing and or startup space you have heard of this event. It goes on each year around January and usually pulls in a few thousand people. Almost all of them are marketers trying to market their marketing to other marketers. :)

I had not been to this event for a few years and so when I went this year I made sure I showed up powerfully as I wanted to make a statement to those that know me and those that do not.


6 Biohacking Tools You Should Be Using

When it comes to biohacking there seems to be infinite tools out there that all claim to help. While I personally feel that one can really get lost in the quantified self mumbo jumbo you do need tools to help you track what is going on with your body or you will have no idea if what you are doing is a good thing or a bad thing and it would be hard to justify time & money.

With all the science you may be able to find on a topic like Nootropics or extreme weight loss you have to be able to measure tangible numbers.

There is a saying in marketing “That in which gets measured, gets managed”. I am a firm believer in 80/20 which states that you should focus on the 20% of things that will give 80% of the results. So what small levers will swing big doors.


Case Study:How A Complete Copywriting Newbie Hooked A Huge SEO Company & My Simple Process For Writing Effective Copy

I am going to share a really cool story with you on how I was able to completely SMASH a self limiting belief, get paid a premium and gain more mastery on a topic that I was down right SCARED of for as long as I can remember.

When I first got into internet marketing the biggest and scariest thing I thought existed was copy writing. Everyone made it sound so fucking hard.

On top of that it seemed like one must invest thousands in training which would only be the start, followed by years of “experience” aka banging my head against the wall. Well this was out of the question when I first started as I was “bootstrapping” so I just chalked it up as a task I would always have to outsource.

This continued well into my product launching days on Clickbank and other main stream platforms. I either looked for a copy writer that I could team up with or cut them in on the backend profits somehow to avoid the ridiculous $10k retainers.

Fast forward to this year in January when I was running high doses of Modafinal and house sitting for a friend……It was like 4am, I had just gotten back from a fun night with Alex Jeffrey (story coming soon) and I could not help but pour out this beautiful story of the night I had just shared with my new friend.


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