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We are in the process of re-launching the podcast and shifting things over, you guess it- this is where I will post most of my peak performance content online from here on out. My old blog is BiohackedCEO, here is more on OptimizingMan.

Who Is This Site For?

This site is geared towards peak performance in men, meaning I am going to help you increase your physical and mental thresholds in order for you to perform your best in high pressure situations. The high clutch situations where a hero is needed, that is what we are going to pull out of you. I mean that in the best possible way of course, but through the simple and practical posts and podcast topics I cover you will be able to achieve just that.

See when you increase your thresholds much of the beliefs (many that are limiting you) are washed away with new ones, self confidence is raised, a stronger self-image is built and what was once hard becomes much easier. This will extend in all areas of your life, and you will notice your happiness will go up and stay there more consistently.

So entrepreneurs and executives who are not currently performing the way they want to in the day-to-day roles they have in business, or who are feeling stuck, frustrated or down right burnt out, this blog is for you.

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How You Can Best Help

My goal in life is to help people realize their potential! You can get involved in this movement by reading these posts, interacting with them, sharing them with friends you think they will benefit and of course giving us feedback.

I invite you to grow with me!


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