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Optimizing Man (OPM) as we will call it from here on out, started off as just another idea back in about 2013, when I was in the depth of experimenting with Ayurvedic herbs, nootropics and deep “inner game” work, it dawned on me in a big way that this “stuff” wasn’t widely known in the entrepreneurial community and in fact MANY were searching for the things that I already had answers on.

In fact, overall strategies to Optimize oneself was not really that widely accepted, even now in 2017 with all the blogs, self proclaimed gurus, events and free knowledge out there as a people we are still in our infantile stage with our understanding of what we can do to influence our genes, DNA, feelings and behavior.

Men are feeling more confused, disconnected and unhappy than ever before, not knowing how they fit in, how to express themselves and let love in so they roam around with a closed heart most days…

I was one of those guys, which drove me to dive deep in search for answers. So I attended events, man camps, paid gurus, searched out spiritual healers, read hundreds of books, and consumed as much knowledge as I could.

I ultimately found the answers to what I personally was looking for, however I recognize that so many men out there do NOT have their answers and haven’t had things click, call it awakening or enlightenment- they are still out there feeling alone, searching…

The Optimizing Man blog, will be the place where I share all of my experiments, experiences and invite others to join me in doing the same, all with the intention of helping those who are in fact still searching.

My mission with this site is to help men tap into more of their potential and ultimately choose to live more boldly not out of guilt by out of divine purpose.