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Welcome to the most important page of the site! Not really but this is where you can download some guides and freebies I have put out in the past, find out about upcoming programs I have coming up and also purchase programs I have already released.

This page will surely grow over time, be sure to share and bookmark for future reference.

Free Downloads


Achieving Peak Performance Through Smart Drugs!

If you’re looking to squeeze more out of your day and are looking for new cutting edge ways to do that then this is a guide you will want to checkout. This jam packed but brief 50 page download will help you navigate through the world of Nootropics to hack your biology, gain focus, clarity and stack on IQ points.
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Metabolic Flexibility For Entrepreneurs!

Entrepreneurs and really busy people are often sacrificing health while grinding day and night to accomplish their dreams. I don’t believe that is necessary, balance is key and this guide is built around the key philosophy that I have been following for the last 4 or so years, its flexible, its simple and its now yours to access.
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2017 Trends Report!

In this report I break down the big areas that I see breaking out in 2017, some of which are new and some are still on an upward trajectory from previous years. This covers everything from tech to robotics, I cover what I see happening this year and how I would capitalize on this if it were me. Fact is we are living in very abundant times, it just requires a different lens to see much of the merging trends.
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