The Art & Science Of Goal Setting

The Art & Science Of Goal Setting

The topic of goal setting isn’t really that sexy, it’s often misunderstood and cast out as confusing when in fact it’s THE most important piece of growth. We must have a destination or direction we are headed.

Over the last few weeks I have run a few live workshops on my 7 step goal setting process, in which I break down the deep structure to setting new habits, I break down the habit forming process, and teach how to reverse engineer any goal.

The point of the training is to cover the deeper aspects or micro that create the macro or big stuff. I feel it’s often overlooked and takes a back seat to flashy acronyms that clog up people’s attention.

Flat out if you accomplish one thing over there but can’t for the life of you accomplish say a money goal over here than you have a problem.

Chances are high there are patterns and scripts, inner stories and loops that are holding you back, call them silent killers these things work on autopilot without you even knowing it.

That is what this training is about, finding those things and getting real tactics on how to change or replace them.

You can tune into the training below…

In the training I talk about a free download which is my 7 step goal setting process, you can download that 20 page guide below! (No fluff, ALL GOLD)


Additional Resources

My Google Calendar, Trello board setup for monthly sprints and daily to-do list tools and tactics I use to ensure I stay in a place of action

Comment below with something you got out of the training or something that you personally use that we didn’t mention.