What Is An Optimized Man?

I get asked all the time, “What is an Optimized Man”?

In short this community is built to help men tap into their potential and be the best man possible. By best I mean, the maximum that the REAL them wants to become. The potential based on what their purpose is here in this world.

These men come into the community and through usage of simple routines, activities and accountability they are able to transform their reality from something that they seem to not be in control of to a reality that they KNOW they in fact created.

People come into the community with…

  • Victim mindset, thinking the world happens to them VS through and for them! Thinking they aren’t in control to knowing they are a co-creator of their life and reality.
  • Procrastination that is affecting business, relationships and daily productivity
  • Feelings of being “stuck”, lack of fulfillment, potential and not knowing how to get through it
  • Boredom with current life, accomplishments or day-to-day grind
  • ADHD, behavior and focus issues
  • Feelings of guilt, shame and embarrassment about themselves and who/what they are

They leave a fully Optimized Man who can discern between truth and bullshit, can accomplish all they are here to do while staying clear and focused on what that is. They graduate a clear thinker who can fully read between personal truths and universal truths, fully able to handle himself emotionally and understand who he is- the REAL him!

Through the stages and levels they are fully equipped with the tools they need to get on in this world and frameworks they can build a strong self off of.